About me

Welcome to my homepage! My name is Tim Waclawek and I’m a seasoned technical expert specializing in the planning and execution of theater productions, with a particular focus on ballet and touring performances across various theaters worldwide. My expertise lies in every aspect of the pre-production process, from conceptualization and 3D modeling to CAD drawings and visualization, culminating in full previsualization and planning.

With a keen eye for detail and a knack for innovation, I lead the technical aspects of productions from start to finish, serving as both the operational and technical lead onsite. This includes preprogramming and simulation of set designs, lighting schemes, and video elements to ensure seamless execution.

One of my specialties is the creation of fully or semi-automated timecode shows, adding precision and synchronization to performances. Whether overseeing the entire production process or taking on specific tasks such as drawing creation or lighting design, I bring expertise and passion to every project I undertake. Explore my portfolio to discover how I can elevate your next production to new heights.

My Services

3D Modeling and Visualization: Transforming concepts into tangible visual representations through detailed 3D models and realistic visualizations.

CAD Drawings: Crafting precise CAD drawings for set designs, stage layouts, and technical schematics to facilitate seamless production planning.

Previsualization: Creating comprehensive previsualizations of productions, including set, lighting, and video elements, to streamline the planning process and ensure cohesive execution.

Technical Lead Onsite: Serving as the onsite technical lead during productions, overseeing operations and ensuring the seamless integration of technical elements.

Preprogramming and Simulation: Utilizing advanced software to preprogram and simulate set changes, lighting cues, and video sequences, optimizing efficiency and precision during performances.

Timecode Show Creation: Designing and implementing fully or semi-automated timecode shows, enhancing synchronization and accuracy in performances.

Overall Production Oversight: Taking charge of the entire production process, from conceptualization to execution, to ensure a cohesive and successful outcome.

Specialized Tasks: Providing expertise in specific areas such as drawing creation, lighting design, or video integration to support productions at various stages.

Each service is tailored to meet the unique needs of your production, ensuring exceptional results and a memorable audience experience.



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